Progress report

I marked up another four chapters--whoo! I'm up to Chapter 23. At the current rate, I should be done in a few days, unless I've just jinxed the whole thing by saying that.

Oh, and I really liked this article on how easy it is to mistake being busy for being productive. I fall prey to the "My to-do list is 90% done!" fallacy--I'll cross everything except one thing off my to-do list and feel very productive, until I realize that the one thing I didn't do was the one thing I really should have done. The author is also a big proponent of the value of downtime, and I definitely need work on accepting my own need for fallow periods. (Although in all honesty, I hope that when I die I am not primarily known for drinking whisky. I was pretty famous for that in college and don't need to go through it again.)