Progress report

OK, I am back in the saddle! I input the edits through Chapter 23, so at this rate I should have it all done by [REDACTED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF JINX PREVENTION]. I'm feeling so [REDACTED] by how [REDACTED] things are going--I'm really looking forward to [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and finally getting to [REDACTED]!

Some of these edits were interesting, because I basically screwed up on voice. Ideally, each character has their own distinct voice, and I guess I'm getting there with Trust, because in one section I had taken dialog that originally belonged to three characters and compressed it into one. And reading it this time around, I was like, Huh? That doesn't sound like Character A, that sounds like A, B, and C! So I split it back out again (I didn't think the gain from compressing it was significant, or I would have tried to make it all sound like Character A). In another section, I just voiced it wrong--it's told from the point of view of one character, and it sounds like it's from someone else's. In that case, reassigning the material wouldn't work, so that section took a lot of tweaking.