Progress report

I input the edits through the end of the book and dealt with the notes (as suspected, most at this point were not helpful). Now it's just the poetry left--yeah, that's gonna be fun.

I actually didn't get a great amount of sleep last night (a combination of going to bed late and the cats being so excitable that one had to be sprayed with water), but I had tea instead of coffee this morning, and that seems to have made all the difference. I don't know what it is about caffeine and my ability to concentrate--maybe it makes me so irritable that I go "I'm tired--screw this!" instead of mellowly plugging along.

Oh, and I was going through Trang in order to check on something (continuity is important!), and I realized that, even though everyone is supposed to be on the metric system in that book (metric is the future! at least it is if you're Canadian), I still have Philippe make references to feet. I'll be fixing that when I get the proofreader's copy back.