Just one of those days

I'm snowed in. I HATE being snowed in. I guess it's too many years in NYC (where I could just hike through the snow to the grocery store or the subway, so snow was no big deal), but the idea of being cut off from civilization by the icy hand of Nature is just upsetting to me. I keep waiting for the wolves to arrive.

So I didn't edit, because I was too buggy. I took care of little stuff, like finally getting that teeny error fixed in the e-books. Also I mentioned in the comments to that PV post that, hey, yeah! I put stuff helpful to newbies on my Web site! And someone came over here and was like, Your Web site is actually kind of hard to navigate. Which makes sense, because this thing has just grown without any planning on my part.

To make it a little easier, I tagged a few more things "helpful (I hope) hints." I changed the title of the Blog Navigation section to Search Blog and moved it up. That involved actually learning how to do that, and I'm glad I know now. The person also didn't like the fact that the content is on a subdomain of the hosting company--I'm assuming that affects Google searches, or maybe it just looks amateurish. I did some digging, and it looks to me like it would be a pain to fix that, so it's going into the "maybe later" pile. I don't really have any ambition to Dominate the Web, although setting things up so that visitors can actually find what's useful matters (not as much as, you know, writing books, but some).

I feel like I need a B project now that I'm done with the large-print edition. The next big project coming up is writing Trials, and let's face it, if I can't get it together enough to focus on editing Trust, I'm not going to get it together enough to write another book. I can still do work on the cover and description of Trust. (It was so nice when I went to do the large-print edition cover, and I opened the files, and they were already done!) There's also a home-improvement thing that might move into the B project slot--we'll see.