Oh, honestly, Goodreads

So, you know how I was going to do a giveaway on Goodreads as soon as I got that cover problem sorted out?

Well, they're not going to sort it out. They can't possibly do that. I am, however, welcome to do a giveaway on Goodreads using the cover that got me my one and only one-star review. And to promote a giveaway that is sure to get me many more one-star reviews by people who feel mislead about the book's contents, I am very welcome to buy an ad campaign on Goodreads!

Ahem. Customer Service 101: DO NOT ask someone to give you their money in the EXACT SAME E-MAIL in which you tell them you don't intend to help them out. You have to give to get, got it?

Honestly. I see a Web site that has two major potential sources of revenue. #1 Advertising campaigns, which are bought by publishers and self-published authors, and #2 e-books sold on the site. If they can't update my cover (and not for nothing, but some people spend hundreds of dollars on custom art--and Goodreads is saying, No, you can't use that for promotions? You have to use the crappy placeholder art that didn't work, so you changed it?), what are the chances that they are going to effectively address my concerns if I purchase advertising from them or list a book for sale on their site and there's a problem?

So, yeah, long story short--not doing a giveaway on Goodreads. Sorry about that.