Progress report--chapter ornaments edition

Team Grown-Ups is back up to full strength, thank God, so today I switched out the chapter ornaments for Trang. I was thinking of just doing that whenever, but then I realized that after all that work to do flyers for GeekGirlCon, I should make sure the book looks it best before I give away those coupons. And this way Jaye Manus won't think poorly of me. (Oh, like I'm one to talk--polish matters, at least to me.)

It was pretty easy to do. I made a little black and white JPEG of the portal:

And inserted it, centered, wherever I had a break within the chapter. I also bolded the chapter heads, which I hadn't done before. I looked at it in the various formats from the various retailers both on my desktop and on my phone. It's surprising to me what a difference there can be between, say, a Mobi file from Smashwords and one from Amazon, or how they look in Mobipocket vs. Kindle for the PC vs. Kindle for the iPhone--one reason I wanted to do this now is because the Mobi from Amazon looked a little funny on the iPhone. (Some writers buy Kindles just to see what stuff looks like on there. I haven't done that--do you then have to buy a Nook and an iPad and an Android tablet?--but I can see the logic. Maybe when they're all in the thrift shops I'll do that--it won't be long now.)

Anyway, the little portal is sometimes bigger compared to the text and sometimes smaller, but it's all within an acceptable range. So yay! I'll do the Trust e-books tomorrow.