Progress report

Back in the saddle! Wrote 1,600 words today.

After yesterday when I decided that I couldn't possibly write because I had to buy groceries, I realized that I was resisting my dharma.

Some people have a low tolerance for yoga-speak, but as someone with perfectionist traits, I find the philosophic elements of it tremendously helpful (and doing yoga is great if you sit all day). In this case, I found it more useful to think in terms of resistance than to think in terms of laziness, because let's face it, sometimes it's as much (if not more) work to not do something than it is to do it. If I cleaned the linoleum (which was really gross), then I'm not lazy, am I? I'm working hard, doing something very unpleasant! But what I'm really doing is the work of resistance. Likewise it's a form of resistance when I choose to focus on outcomes (or, as Dean Wesley Smith would put it, to focus on dreams instead of goals).