Halfway through the second set of free days....

So, I got it together earlier this time around, and Trang is up to #3 on the science fiction: series free list on the first day, instead of not getting there until the second. Yay that.

What's going on that's interesting? Well, just about no one is clicking over at Goodreads--there's no question I'll have to let that campaign run for quite a bit longer to use up the pre-pay. Which is fine, actually--I wasn't going to renew the campaign for the full-price book over on Facebook, so I might as well let Goodreads run. The click-through rate is somewhat lower on Goodreads than on Facebook, but the main reason the number of clicks is so much less is that the Goodreads ad has reached about 1,200 people today, while Facebook ad has reached about 140,000 people.

And I got a one-star review on Amazon because of the bad language. The person was shocked! shocked!! shocked!!! that a book described as containing "some really bad language" would contain...some really bad language! It was especially awful because people on other planets would never use bad language--wow, that is something I did not know.

Anyway, I did something I normally would not do and reported the review. Opinion or not liking the book is one thing; ignoring a warning clearly stated in the book description is something else.

For no particular reason, I'm also going to throw in a link to my favorite recent review. And my guest post on cussing.