Ah, that Goodreads weirdness....

Since I'm going to have a second pair of free days for Trang later this month, I thought I would set up a pay-per-click campaign on Goodreads.

The good news: I actually managed to do it--never a sure thing with Goodreads.

The weirdness (because there is always weirdness with them): Well, it's not really a pay-per-click campaign, exactly.

See, instead of you giving them your credit card number and them charging you for the actual clicks you get, you get charged in advance for the number of clicks you think you might get.

I mean, they try to help you with this, but...unsurprisingly, I got MANY MANY more clicks with my Facebook campaign advertising a free book than I am with my current campaign advertising a book you have to pay for. So when Goodreads is telling me, "Your budget is too high--you should lower it," I'm not sure what to do, because I doubt their little automatic guesstimator is able to take into account the fact that it's an ad for a free book. I did lower the budget, because I'm getting charged in advance, but now I wonder if the campaign won't max out far too early.

So, what happens if you pre-pay for more clicks than you actually get? I'm not sure. According to the Web site, they'll just extend your campaign until your payment is used up. The problem with that is, the book will be free for only two days, so the ads saying "FREE FOR KINDLE!!!" can't run for a week. You can put a strict limit on how many days the ad runs, but then what happens if you've overpaid? I didn't see any information about that. Standard business practice, of course, would be to refund the difference, but this is Goodreads. I'm going to let the ad run, and if it doesn't max out, I'll pop in to edit it once the free days are up.

Conclusions? Initially I was thinking that I'd be a good little scientist and not run a Facebook campaign at the same time, but now I think I'll run on both--that way if Goodreads does max out early, I'll still have Facebook working for me. Also, as seems to be the case with pay-per-click in general, Goodreads' pay-per-click service seems much better suited to a long-term campaign than a short, two-day one.