Fonts, fonts, fonts

Since I'm a little better with GIMP now, I thought I'd work on making the cover font a little fancier.

My first thought was, Hey, why don't I go buy a nice, fancy cover font! So I went a-hunting, and I found a ton of very nice, science-fictional fonts.

Aaaannnddd...I decided not to use them. Not that they aren't really quite lovely, but the thing is, the Trang series is a very specific kind of science fiction, and I've run into trouble before confusing people's expectations. So if a really cool font makes it look like military sci-fi or high-tech sci-fi, well, I've been down that road before....

So I think I'll stay with the vaguely Star Trek-looking font, since that seems to work (and I really don't want to go with the many "I totally ripped this off of Star Trek!" fonts out there--it's just tacky). I'll just fancy up the letters a bit.