Funny me

You know, now that it looks like the copy editor is going to have Trust back for me May 1st...there goes my motivation to work on Trials. Oops. I dunno--today was mostly spent shopping, and while I know people who think that paradise would be day after day of shopping, lying in the sun, and consuming their preferred controlled substance, the reality is that it's boring and feels like a waste of time. I don't think that's just me--there are some way-past-their-prime beach bunnies around here, and they strike me as angry and unhappy.

I also revised the flyer to include the book description--I was thinking that it wouldn't be necessary because people would go to the link and see the description there, but of course, you need to motivate them to go to the link in the first place.

One of the reviewers (who isn't really actively reviewing right now) wants me to do a guest post, so tomorrow I'll probably work on that.

Thinking more long term: I'm kind of hoping to have a draft of Trials done by the end of the summer. My summer is actually pretty truncated because half of August and part of September is spent looking after kids, and I have a big trip after that, so we'll see how that works. I'm kind of hoping I can fulfill the need to put Trials aside for a bit by immediately starting in on a draft of Tribulations. Of course, I may be completely burned out by that point, or if I finish the Trials draft right before the kids/trip marathon, I may come back raring to edit. But the thing is, I've got almost as many notes on Tribulations as I do on Trials, which makes me think I might be able to write them in tandem. We'll see.