I had a great moment of clarity today after I drove to the airport, found that the Magical Land of Free Parking was still there (yay!), went into the hotel hosting Norwescon, and saw a line to register that wrapped around the entire inner courtyard. In that moment, it suddenly came to me: I don't really want to go to Norwescon this year. Under normal circumstances, I would go, but I feel like it's too soon after that big trip. Professional development is nice, but right now I feel like what I really need is time to focus in on the writing. Honestly, I've go so much on my plate now, book- and audiobook-wise, and it's been put off for so long, that I feel like the very last thing I need is to spend a few days learning about new stuff.

So I left the flyers in the rack and plan to roll my registration over to next year. Hopefully by then I'll be excited to do it again, plus I might actually learn some new things if I let a little time lapse.

In general I feel like I'm much better situated from a knowledge perspective than I once was, and I kind of skim through or neglect most of the self-publishing blogs these days. Things have kind of settled in, you know? Of course, news still happens--Amazon is buying Goodreads, for example. On the one hand, that's one less competitor for Amazon, but on the other, Goodreads was doing such a poor job of being a business that I'm actually kind of relieved.